Website Traffic

Our website——attracts 85,000 unique visitors per year that view a total of  226,667 pages. These visitors are greeted with the show’s main messaging and linked logos to our Sponsors.

Social Media

Our social media platforms are highly active both during show season and the “off-season.” Here are the total averaged impressions achieved by our accounts annually:


Our advertising efforts cover the entire Pittsburgh area and it’s surrounding suburbs via billboards, print, radio and TV spots. In total, our annual advertising efforts achieve 44,809,000 impressions.

Foot Traffic

Our show attracts an average of 55,000 people over a four-day period at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

  • On average, Auto Show visitors spend 3.5 hours at the show.
  • The audience is engaged and active as 47% of display visitors use interactive terminals.


The media coverage of the Auto Show—on the major Pittsburgh outlets and networks—each year achieves an average of 2,500,000 impressions.


A look at our audience.

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